Introducing the only book you'll ever need in property...


Let's discover how to crack the property code and create a profitable business in property for you and your family!

Acclaimed property expert Matthew Moody shares his real-life successes and failures in the property world to show you how to make more and spend less time ‘working’.

What it's all about

Business owner Matthew Moody shows you how to decipher the codes in building a property business that is sustainable and profitable.

Come on a 30-day step-by-step journey with Matthew as he takes you from understanding your big reason why, to choosing your strategy to setting up your business with 45 strategies that you can do in property investment

This book will guide you through every single one of the 45 (yes 45!) different property strategies you could do and then get you to choose the ones which are best suited to you, your budget and your experience

This book actually details WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO IT in simple and easy to follow language - in fact STEP by STEP!

You will learn:

  • how to create a plan that resonates with your inner self and drives you to succeed
  • how to get more done in less time and be 90% more productive than your peers
  • the 45 strategies that will make you a ton of money in property
  • the five key attributes for building a successful business
  • the one strategy that will place you in the flow of your business – not IN your business 
  • how to build your property empire through specific exercises on marketing, sales, operations, finance, customer service and more! (yup it's all here)

Who it's for

This book is for just about anyone at any level, whether new to property or a seasoned professional.

If you…

haven’t started in property, it will help you plan and find a suitable strategy

have a bit of experience, a few properties and are looking for another strategy, it’s worth a read

are considering starting a property-based business, it’s definitely worth a read

want new challenges, it might give you some ideas

have run out of money, there are suggestions for strategies with a low start cost

are struggling with your property direction, it might help you get back on track

Meet the Author

Matthew grew up in Yorkshire and read Theology at Oxford. He entered the business analysis and pricing field and in his last role headed up RCI's Revenue Management function.

He started investing in 2003 and built a multi-million pound HMO property portfolio using strategies including R2R, Lease Options and Refurbishment.

Over the last 16 years, he's been at the forefront of HMO education, investment and lobbying the government on our behalf nationally. He's founded, bought and sold companies and brings this knowledge to 'Cracking The Property Code'.

His mission is to make a difference in the property world and show people that you don’t have to struggle; you need to take the right action step-by-step to truly live out your dreams. 

"Discover your outcome, prioritize your life and take massive action today!"

Want to learn more about Cracking the Property Code? Check out this 'Meet the Author' interview with Matthew Moody.

A bit of a cracker!

"300 of the most valuable pages you'll ever read in property.

Cracking the Property Code, overall, is a bit of a cracker!"

Jayne Owen

Your Property Network


Matthew is the master to learn


"Easy to follow and implement including actual examples"

Mike & Rachel Clarke


Must Read

" Good layout with lots of information.
Easy to read and understand.
Good for beginner trying to understand what strategy to use for yourself and build your property business.

I love this book."


Amazon customer


Highly recommend

"Matthew certainly knows his stuff! I look forward to him assisting me in building a successful HMO portfolio."

Tony Hans



"Thank you for Cracking the Property Code. It was fantastic to be put through the paces to thinking through what I want and helping me understand the various avenues to achieve this"

Roxanne Brazeau


Extremely valuable

" The experiences, tips and resources shared must be worth a small fortune in


John Rattigan



Who is the book for?

Cracking the Property Code is for just about anyone at any level, whether new to property or a seasoned professional. If you're new to property, it will guide you through the 45 different strategies and allow you to understand which is right for you to start building your property empire. If you've been in property for a while, this book will help you build and grow your business, showing you how to act like a "big business" even if you're small.

What will I learn?

This book will show you how to create a goal and vision that excites you. With 45 strategies that can make you a ton of money in property, Cracking the Property Code will help you find the strategy that resonates with you, and matches your skills and finances. 
You will also learn how to develop your business in terms of marketing, sales, operations, finance, customer service and more!

Why should I buy this book?

Well, who wouldn't want to discover how to create a profitable business in property, while learning how to make more and spend less time 'working'? This is the book I wish I had been able to read when I was just starting out. It cuts through the fluff, and drives you to a strategy that suits you. It's step by step layout means it's easy to follow and helps you reach your goals.

How is the book delivered?

Cracking the Property Code is a real physical 350 page book, which will be posted first class. We are currently offering a FREE workbook with every order worth £50.00, which will be made available for you to download digitally once your purchase is complete.