Revealed: The New Plan For Generating 6 Figure Profits in Your Property Business


From the desk of Matthew Moody

March 2014.

DSC_0042Dear friend,

Are you somebody who’s interested in finding out the holy grail to building a six figure income in property?

Are you somebody who has perhaps decided that maybe property is for you – but you’re not sure what strategy to follow or even if you want to do property or how to get started?

Or are you somebody who already has a successful business but wants to learn how to fine-tune and enhance your profits further?

Let me introduce you to “Cracking the Property Code” workshop


This is the culmination of over 10 years in the property field and 20 years in business and has allowed me to build and sell three six figure businesses in the last five years together with adding seven figure profits to two FTSE100 companies in the noughties.

I tell you this not to boast but to tell you that it is possible to make not just a good income from a property business but a GREAT income from a property business.

Picture this scene three years from now:

oceanYou’re swaying in your hammock on an idyllic beach somewhere in the indian ocean, the waves are gently crashing in the background, the palm trees are faintly rustling and you’re at peace.  You’ve been here for 10 days already and you’ve wound down and embraced the slower pace of life, you’ve reconnected with your inner-self and you’ve realised that you’ve achieved your dream lifestyle.

You’ve done what 99% of people on this planet fail to do – you’ve taken control of your future and you’ve stamped your mark on your business and you’ve created a legacy for the future.  You smell from the distance the nightly barbecue being started and the succulent smells of food beginning to roast on the barbeque.

You take a sip from your cocktail, smile – and wonder how the weather is back in ole blighty ….

This isn’t a pipe dream – this could be happening to you in less time than you think!

But how do you get from where you are right now to where you want to be?

It comes down to the story you tell yourself and how you take the opportunities that are presented to you.

You see I wasn’t always in the position I am now, where I have a £3.5 million pound portfolio and two successful six figure businesses.  No, once upon a time, I was working for the man, long hours and despondent with where my future was taking me.

I was keen, I was enthusiastic but I was too distracted, too swayed by latest opinion, too much embroiled in chasing the golden goose but not focused enough on what I already had.

I found myself over the course of 18 months going from wage-slave to multi-million pound portfolio owner and becoming financially free before the age of 30 through the power of HMO property investment.  But then I found myself at somewhat of a loss.

After all, I’d made it right?

I became rapidly caught up in the newest latest crazes avidly following them and sometimes trying them out.  Whether it be networking marketing, joint venture deals, flips, refurbishment to hold, letting agency franchises, consultancy, internet marketing and a myriad of start-up companies – I’ve been there, got the t-shirt and the scars to prove it.

But then one day, whilst I was sitting at home about to go out on another long drive to meet up with someone about a potential opportunity, I realised that I didn’t actually need to do this.

I already had everything I needed!

And my businesses were running pretty well with only a day a week of me managing some finance and operational issues.  So I decided to focus on this business and ignore everything else.  Here’s what happened.

  • took my portfolio management company managing 50 units locally to a national letting agency managing 550 units from 5 offices
  • took over £16.5 million pounds worth of lease options and delayed completion stock with  rental income of £85,000 per month
  • developed over £1.9 million pounds worth of small terrace properties into 5/6 bed HMO’s in Northampton and Leeds for investor clients
  • educated over 400 investors through our training company on HMO’s and Business Building
  • won Letting Agent of the Year award in our first year of transformation!

And so much more.

Matthew Moody & Craig Phillips L&BTL Awards 2010The reason I was able to have so much success is because I was following rules that I didn’t realise at the time would form the core of my 5 Stage Blueprint to Mastering Your Business.

This 5 stage blueprint is simple yet at the same time highly effective to implement as it follows a structured order so that you can focus on launching your business whilst covering each aspect of setting up your business correctly at the same time.  We all want to generate money whilst creating our business right?  So why not learn on the job?

And if you’re already in business, use this as a refresher to revisit your initial ideals of why you set up your business – and is it still working for you the way you wanted it too.  Let’s look at each stage in turn.


Stage #1 Commit – this is the hardest part of all (yet once you’ve mastered this, you can achieve anything you wish) and will involve you stepping up and putting down a stake in the ground to committing to your end goals, outcomes and strategies

99% of businesses fail because they fail to commit to the right path or goal and do not follow a structured wealth building plan.

We focus on Commit in two parts – the act of Committing to a life-long goal and vision and the act of Committing to a chosen strategy or business.

Stage #2 Create – by taking a business, an idea or a product, we move this from the design stage to the stage of creating a business that attracts staff, customers, suppliers and fans to it.

We all know of the 100’s of me-to businesses; why not be one of the 1% of outstanding businesses that attracts people to it?

We work through the stage of creating your own business model (franchiseable if this is what you wish) and become a make-it big business – one that others want to emulate and copy.

Stage #3 Cultivate – the sustainability of any business lies not with its founders or staff but with the customers that come to the table – and then repeat order from the table over and over again.

By nourishing, nurturing and developing both that business and its customers, we end up growing a business that has fans wanting to buy products and services as soon as they are launched.

This isn’t just about your current customers but your past and future customers too and how you manage and work with them on a current and future basis.

Stage #4 Construct–this is the part where we put in the systems and processes that will allow you to have that holiday in the Caribbean or Indian ocean without worrying about your business.

There are dozens of badly run businesses with great products and services that are let down by their delivery, their processes, their systems and their inability to expand without creating chaos.

A successful business will have invested in Systems which are not just digital (ie a operations platform) but are people-led as well (such as a marketing system for collating new leads)

Stage #5 Conquer–when all is said and done, if you’ve expounded time, effort, energy and emotion on the physical act of creating a business – and you’ve followed the other 4 parts of the blueprint, you’ll end up with a very successful business.

But why stop there?  if you’re going to create a business, why not aim to be “the best of the best?”

Too many folks settle for second best and I just do not see the point.  Let’s aim to dominate and be the number 1 player in our market place. This part is where it gets really exciting!

But how can you implement all of this quickly and effectively?

So you can see that the 5 Stage Blueprint to Mastering Your Business is a fairly simple model but the problem with too many businesses and business owners is that they start a business but without a firm plan nor any way of achieving the goals they set themselves.

The 5 Stage Blueprint allows anybody to truly Master a Business by following a simple step-by-step process which can then be replicated and used over and over again to both improve, adapt and smash any business.

And hence why on Saturday March 29th, I’ll be sharing the blueprint with a limited number of investors and business professionals who want to replicate my success in their businesses.

Here’s who the workshop isn’t for:

  • It isn’t for people who don’t want to take action – you’ve gotta be in it to win it and taking action is critical to build a six figure business
  • It isn’t for people who know it all.  We are in a world where technology changes by the second and information changes by the day.  It’s just not possible to know it all so you have to be opening to learning some new “stuff” and embrace that change
  • It isn’t for people who want to grow their business – if you implement these steps, your business revenues will explode.  Simple.
  • It isn’t for people who want a mom and pop business.  I’m talking six figures here.  If you want less than this, that’s fine but be aware  that it takes as much effort to make £20,000 as it does to make £100,000

OK. So I’m guessing that you want to find out what we’ll be covering.

The 5 Stage Blueprint to Mastering Your Business can never be covered in just one day.  It’s just too big, too complicated, too advanced (my book which only goes into some of this detail is over 350 pages long!).  But what I can do in just one day is instil the fundamentals of the 5 stage blueprint and show you how to implement quick and easy wins that will allow you to take your business to the next level.

Now this could be actually starting your business, it could be improving your business and it could even be that you put in motion steps to sell your business!  Either way, this day isn’t going to be one that you miss because frankly, you’re not going to get this information anywhere else.  I see tons of new and old courses being peddled every day by the property training companies and it’s very rare that I see a workshop designed to teach you how to build a business in the right way.

I mean, it seems simple to me right?

You want to have a successful property business right?   So why is nobody teaching you this?

In my opinion, it’s probably because very few of the trainers out there come from any kind of corporate or professional background and thus they really don’t know how to do the things I’m going to be sharing with you – or they’re keeping them quiet for a reason …


That’s not my style.

I want you to succeed.  I want you to have an amazing business.  I’d like to be there with you on your journey so that I can take satisfaction from the guidance that I shared – and the results you achieved through following the plan that we work on together.

So, here’s a flavour of what we’re going to talk about on the day:-

  • The two critical elements to success through property in ANY market
  • How to get back up to 15 hours per week of your life through structured planning
  • Taking stock of your current business model and identifying the key areas for growth
  • Learn the detailed financials of two property strategies that are working in today’s market
  • Marketing strategies that will add hundreds of pounds to your bottom line within the next 90 days
  • How to choose the right strategy that works for you
  • A takeaway bespoke 12×4 plan guaranteed to put money in your business

And that’s not all.  There’s so much content in this workshop that you’ll probably leave the workshop drained but exhilarated by how much you’ve covered!

On top of the learnings you’re going to take away, you’ll also have the chance to network with professionals who are all here to learn HOW to build a business.

Seriously, this is the next step for you if:

  • You are ready to change your activities from hobby to business and make some real money but need the step-by-step advice
  • You are running a property business and want to MAXIMISE your profit
  • You want to run your own business without expensive mistakes
  • You are already a successful property investor and are ready to go to the next level
  • You value common-sense, simple to implement techniques without geek speak

And that’s not all.

I want to remove all the risk for you of taking time out, travelling to Northampton, spending a day in a seminar room and you hating it.

I’ve had one person ask for a refund in 10 years of working with people and frankly, I’m not sure that person was on the same workshop as the other 18 people who loved it – but hey that’s life.

So, here’s the deal.

This is my personal guarantee for the “Cracking the Property Code” workshop.guarantee

Join us for the event- network, drink the coffee, soak up the information; and if in the unlikely event that it does not live up to all your expectations- just let us know before lunchtime and I will give you a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

So, let’s just recap for a moment.

Imagine if you had:

  1. A step-by-step plan to create your own 6 figure business
  2. The ability to spend the day with me in a full-on intensive event with exciting learning exercises and genuine answers to questions
  3. Marketing Systems to copy and model
  4. A tailored 12×4 plan for your business
  5. Chosen strategies that work for you
  6. Support group to keep you inspired
  7. Regained control of your life and time

Do you think you might be a little bit inspired to take action and actually build that six figure business?

I think you might.  But don’t believe what I say – here’s what previous attendees to this workshop had to say.

“exciting informative and educational event”

“a great motivator”

“take action and actually get what you want from your life and your desires”

“I’m super buzzed up to get cracking with my property!”

And believe me; I can teach you the most complex business building tips broken down into step by step plans; I can share with you wealth strategies that actually work; I can even guide you through the maze of uncertainty to decide on the right strategies for you.

But what I can’t do is take action for you.  This one’s up to you.

But let’s say you’re an action-taker, you’re a go-getter and you’re determined to give this your best shot.

Imagine this:

If you took action right away:

  • Within 1-2 weeks, you will have regained back between 5-15 hours per week of your life
  • Within 3-4 weeks, you will have a SIGNIFICANT increase in your business revenues
  • Within 2-3 months, you should have hit your first business milestone [we’ll talk about this on the day]
  • Within 6 months, you will be working less time but bringing in more money

You’ll soon by running your own profitable business which provided you’ve followed the steps we teach; you’ll be well on your way to building a six figure income.

So, let me remind you what this event is all about.

Cracking the Property Code LIVE!

  1. It’s a one-day intensive event designed to share with you the 5 stage blueprint to mastering your business.
  2. It’s an interactive workshop so you need to be prepared to take part, jump out of your comfort zone and be fully committed to the day
  3. You’ll learn Marketing strategies [chosen by you on the day] that will give you clarity, increase your exposure in your market and add hundreds of pounds to your bottom line
  4. It’s practical no-nonsense training that you can implement the very next day in your business and start getting back up to 15 hours of your life every week
  5. You’ll have learnt two of the most successful strategies – and which of the other 43 strategies are right for you – and how to implement them in your business
  6. You’ll leave at the end of the day with a clear committed plan for the next 12 months guaranteed to putting money in your pocket
  7. You’ll understand the principles of building a successful six figure business – how to smash through the roadblocks – and your road to getting there quickly
  8. You’ll be the master of the two critical elements to success through property in ANY market

And this is just part of the learnings we’ll be sharing on the day.

So, here comes the part that most people want to know before anything else.

I thought long and hard about what the cost of this one-day event should be and debated the following in my head.

I’ve spent over 20 years working at the coal face of six and seven figure businesses generally working around 40 hours per week.  So, on the face of it, I’ve spent at least 38,400 hours on creating, building, improving and generating huge profits from these businesses.

I have been mentoring people for over 8 years now in the world of property and business.  If you wanted me to come out and spend the day with you, that would cost you £1,500 per day.  I regularly do these sessions around the country with serious investors who want to accelerate their business growth and typically on the day, I either save them tons of money or create new revenue streams for them.

Here’s a typical testimonial from one of my mentoring clients.

“Matthew saved me over £43,000 in less than two hours by giving me exact step-by-step processes to follow – I recommend you take his advice and get him looking at your business today”

H. Patel, Stevenage, Half Day Mentoring Session £750

If you wanted to join my 6 Figure Business Circle mentoring programme; currently this would cost you £11,997 per year.  Typically the students on this programme start getting results within 2 months of starting the programme and here’s a typical testimonial.

“Since starting the Business Circle, I’ve become a lot more focused and disciplined.  I’m 100% committed to my chosen strategies and in the last 3 weeks alone, I’ve done two deals that will net me around £20K plus I’ll have added a new rental unit to my portfolio”

Mike Clark, My Property Power Team & Castledene Letting Agency Manchester

I’ve also done plenty of corporate consultancy over the years and typically the day rates here are in the £2,000-2,500 per day bracket because of my specialities in Revenue Management, Business Growth and Product Development.

Here’s a typical testimonial.

“Matthew added significant value to our business by driving maximum yield from our large inventory of holiday apartments. Matthew also clearly demonstrated his ability to effectively manage the team to deliver direct business results. I can warmly recommend Matthew”

Preban Vestdam, President Valhalla Associates

So, when I thought about how to price this workshop, I asked a few of my colleagues and also some of the delegates from last year’s workshop.  They came up with prices of £500, £800, £1000 and one guy even thought the course was worth well over £2,000 for the information he received that he took action with.

I mean – the information that I’ll be sharing with you should make you at least £2,000 a month right in revenue even if you took very little action.  And if you are a go-getter, an over-achiever, then a £10,000 a month income is not that far away from you!

So if I were to price this workshop at £497, I think this would be reasonable and give both value and affordability to you.  I’d anticipate you’d make back this investment within 30 days if you took massive action and at least within 60 days if you took it easy and implemented one step per week.

And that is all well and good but I want to make this workshop as affordable as possible so that everybody who wanted to attend could attend.  I am passionate about giving back and helping ordinary folk make a difference in this world and I wanted to make sure that price wasn’t a value.

So to make it affordable and because this is the last one we will be running, I’ve decided to give a huge 60% reduction off the price of this one-day workshop at a give-away price of £197.00.

For £197.00, you’ll get

  • The one-day intensive event on the 5 stage blueprint to mastering your business.
  • Marketing strategies that will give you clarity, increase your exposure in your market and add hundreds of pounds to your bottom line
  • Practical no-nonsense training that you can implement the very next day in your business and start getting back up to 15 hours of your life every week
  • Exposure to two of the most successful strategies – and which of the other 43 strategies are right for you – and how to implement them in your business
  • A clear committed plan for the next 12 months guaranteed to putting money in your pocket
  • The principles of building a successful six figure business – how to smash through the roadblocks – and your road to getting there quickly
  • The clarity of two critical elements to success through property in ANY market

All of this and more for the price of just £197.00 (a 60% reduction off the normal price of the workshop)

But you know, one thing that I always pride myself on is over-delivery and giving massive amounts of value.  So, if getting the “Cracking the Property Code” workshop isn’t enough and you want even MORE!  Here’s what I’m going to do for you – if you take action today.

I’ve put together a selection of bonuses which I think are as invaluable as the workshop itself and here they are.



BASE CAMP 60 Minute KickStart Consultation Call with Matthew

By spending a full day with me, you’re  bound to develop new ideas, new strategies and goals for your business.

But sometimes you need a little encouragement, a little more explanation, some quality time spent with someone who’s been there and done it before.  This is your chance.

Ask any question on your strategy, goals, finance, systems, marketing – whatever you need clarity on?

We’ll aim to create a high level strategic plan on the call which will last for 60 minutes via Skype.

Sold via our website at £199.00.

For the first 5 bookings only – yours completely free.  SOLD OUT.



A Signed Copy of “Cracking the Property Code” book

The place where it all started.  320 pages of insight and detailed explanations on how to set up your business.

Not just about property but business, systems, marketing, finance, sales, operations, human resources – plus the 45 property strategies that you can employ to make your fortune.

Described in YPN as “300 of the most valuable pages you [will] ever read in property”

Sold via our website at £20.00

For the first 20 bookings only – yours completely free.

FAST ACTION BONUS #35 stage blueprint proof

“6 Figure Business Secrets” audio

Audio is an awesome format because frankly you can listen to it anywhere.

This 45 minute audio describes in an interview format taken from the radio how to implement and set up your property business.

It’s to the point, it’s entertaining but most of it’s an invaluable tool to listen to whether you’re in your car, on the train, jogging or just need a pep talk on what you should be doing to start building your own six figure property business.

Valued at £27.00


FAST ACTION BONUS #4Business Review

“Crack the Code Blueprint Series” report

It’s all well and good learning how to build your six figure property business but maybe you need a helping hand with setting your business up in the right way.

This handy blueprint guide shows you the quickest and best way of doing this through the Business Cycle – and gives you clear guidelines and blueprints to copy.

You’ll get blueprints for:

  • Creating your life plan
  • Choosing the right strategy
  • Building an operational team
  • Creating systems
  • Formulating a marketing plan
  • Defining your management reports
  • And 9 other blueprints

Valued at £47.00


Cracking The Business Code Resource CD

Getting a property business up and running can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools, the right legal documents or the right processes.

I’ve collated 50 of our most commonly used documents in our lettings and hmo portfolio business for you to use, adapt and generally insert into your business.  So whether you want to use a licence or an AST, a moving-in form, an inventory or a letter for chasing rental arrears; it’s all here in one cd for you to download and use right away.

All documents are in an editable word format.

Sold via our website at £149.50



The Definitive Property Business Resource digital CD

The trick about building a business is not just in the creative act of bringing it to life but it’s also in the administrative function that allows you to get on with the business.

This is where the Cracking the Business Code “Resource CD” comes in.

I’ve scoured our records of forms, letters, templates, guides and processes that I’ve collected over the last 20 years and here is the best of the best.  Over 100 of these beauties that you can take and implement right into your business.

So whether you’re looking for a form for a sales process, want to investigate your finance function KPI’s, want a letter to send to a supplier or just want to brainstorm product ideas, these forms and 96 more are all here.

Sold via our website at £149.50

Let’s recap the Bonus Bundle and what you’re getting for your investment.

Your Workshop Ticket 1 x Ticket to “Cracking the Property Code £497.00
FAST ACTION BONUS #1 1 x 60 Minute BASECAMP Kickstart Consultancy Call with Matthew £197.00 SOLD OUT
FAST ACTION BONUS #2 1 x “Cracking the Property Code” book £20.00
FAST ACTION BONUS #3 “6 Figure Business Secrets” audio £27.00
FAST ACTION BONUS #4 “Crack the Code Blueprint Series” £47.00
FAST ACTION BONUS #5 “Cracking the Business Code” Resource CD £149.50
FAST ACTION BONUS #6 “The Definitive Property Business” Resource CD £149.50


Here’s all the information you need:

Dates: Saturday 29th March 2014 

Times: 9.30am-6pm

Venue: Park Inn Hotel, Silver Street, Northampton, NN1 2TA

Your Investment:  Tickets to attend “Cracking the Property Code” are £197 each.

But be warned…

There are only 50 tickets available for this workshop. Once 50 tickets have been sold this page will be taken down, so be sure to reserve your seat today to avoid missing out.


But I understand that as you read this, you may still have questions. I regularly speak to people who want to attend my workshops or purchase my products, but something’s stopping them from pulling the trigger and going for it.

It’s usually one of these three things:

1. They don’t think they have the time

Believe me when I say… the strategies you’ll learn and implement when you attend Cracking the Property Code workshop will save you weeks if not months of messing around and trying to work how to create a six figure income for yourself.

Property is without a doubt the BEST way for you to build your assets, reach more people, and increase your income.

2. They don’t think they can afford it

Firstly, I don’t want you to see this as an expense. I want you to see it as an investment.

An investment is defined as:

“to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.”

I know with absolute certainty that when you implement the ideas I share with you at Cracking the Property Code workshop, you’ll make many multiples of your investment back – and fast!  And remember, I’m even willing to back that up with a ‘100%’ money back guarantee so there really is no risk to you whatsoever.

If by the end of lunchtime you don’t think you have the tools and strategies necessary to get a significant return on your investment, just let me know and I’ll refund your investment in full.

3. They’re not sure it’s for them

If you genuinely have no interest in enhancing your income, increasing the size of your portfolio, and getting more paying tenants, then I accept and agree that this investment probably isn’t right for you.

However, my guess is if you’re still reading this but haven’t yet decided to register your seat, it’s more likely that you’re questioning your own ability to make real use of what you’re going to learn.  You might be thinking ‘I’m not a very good investor’ or something similar. The beautiful thing about what I’m going to share with you is… you don’t need to be!

In fact…

One of my friends makes 7-figures a year from the property business – and doesn’t even show up at his own properties!!! (I’ll explain his model to you at the bootcamp as well)

Click here to register now and get my huge Bonus Bundle for free worth £890!


If you’re really serious about building a six figure property business, you simply must attend this workshop.

You’ve seen countless examples right here on this page of how normal, everyday people have used my methods to build bonuses, gain massive portfolios, and dramatically increase their income… and of course you’ll see much more proof when you attend the live workshop.

Really, all you need to do is attend and then apply the things I show you in your business.


I look forward to meeting you in person at the end of the month!

Speak soon,

Matthew Moody

P.S.Remember, you can register for Cracking the Property Code workshop today with ZERO RISK. If you don’t think the day was worth every single penny, just let me know and I’ll happily refund your investment in full!

P.P.S. When you order today you also get instant access to my “Bonus Bundle”

These materials have cost me tens of thousands of pounds to put together, and have already been successfully TRIED-AND-TESTED by myself and my clients, meaning they’re GUARANTEED to work for your business. You can literally COPY what works, saving you MONTHS of hassle, trying to do it all on your own.

Click here to register now!